Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any medications I should avoid while participating in the SITZMARKS® test?

A: It’s imperative to refrain from using any kind of laxative until your physician says the test is complete. Laxatives include stimulants, bulk-forming fibers, suppositories and saline enemas. For all other medications consult with your physican.

Q: Can I take SITZMARKS® if I am pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant?

A: You should always inform your physician if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant before using SITZMARKS®. Your physician may delay the test until after the end of your pregnancy.

Q: Should I alert my physician about any allergies?

A: As always, discuss all allergies with your physician prior to taking  SITZMARKS® or any other medications.

Q: Is the start time of a SITZMARKS® test critical?

A: The start time is not critical; however, we recommend discussing this with your physician.

Q: Should SITZMARKS® be taken on an empty stomach?

A: Yes.

Q: Is SITZMARKS® compatible with an MRI?

A: Please consult your physician. 

Q: My healthcare provider discussed a simple test versus a segmental test. What does that mean?

A: Please review the Indications/Directions for Use page.

Q: How much radiation will I be exposed to during the X-ray?

A: Please discuss this with your physician.

Q:  What is SITZMARKS® return policy?

A:  There are no returns for the SITZMARKS® medical device. Please see our terms and conditions.

Q.  What are international customers responsible for when purchasing SITZMARKS®?

A.  Customers are responsible for the shipping cost, customs and/or broker fees.  Please see our terms and conditions.

Q.  Can a patient order SITZMARKS®?

A.  No, SITZMARKS® is a medical device and can only ordered by a health care professional or medical facillity.

Q.  Where can health care professionals order SITZMARKS® in the United States?

A.  SITZMARKS® can be ordered directly on this website or through authorized distributors. Please contact Konsyl for further information.