How Physicians Code a SITZMARKS® Test

The SITZMARKS® test consists of two parts. Part one: the patient ingests one or more capsules containing radiopaque markers.  Part two: one or more flat plate X-rays are performed to track the progress of the markers through the patient's GI system. Physicians may use the manufacturer-recommended Simple or Segmental (Metcalf) methods, or follow their own protocol.

Instructions for your office coding specialist:

Issuing Sitzmarks Capsules in the Physicians office:

Code the procedure using CPT code 99070.
In the explanation section reference:

Sitzmarks procedure -HCPC code A9698
Non radioactive contrast imaging material

Issuing Sitzmarks Capsule at Hospital pharmacy, Radiology or imaging center.

Code: HCPC code A9698
Non radioactive contrast imaging material

Performing the x-ray to complete the procedure

Code using CPT 74000 (Note completion of Sitzmarks study) reference HCPC code A9698

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