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Clinical References
Next Steps After a Colonic Transit Test

According to the Article in Gastroenterology Journal

Doctor and patient

Options for Normal Transit

Normal transit means that the healthcare provider can explore therapeutic options. Many options are available such as Konsyl Daily Psyllium Fiber. 

Options for Abnormal Transit

Abnormal transit should be analyzed through further studies and testing. Abnormality in transit is often the next step to uncover any underlying conditions. 

Options for Potential Blockage

Blockage would require additional testing and diagnostics with the healthcare provider. Seeking the correct care to further diagnose and alleviate a potential blockage is critical. 


1 Chang, L., Chey, W., Lacy, B., et al. (2016). Bowel Disorders. Gastroenterology, 2016(150), 1393–1407.

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Additional Clinical Resources

Additional clinical resources and tools for HCPs are available. Contact a representative at +1.410.822.5192, email us at, or complete the contact form.

Ready for a Closer Look?

If your patient is struggling with chronic constipation, SITZMARKS can help you identify physiological causes and take the next steps toward further testing or a tailored treatment plan. Contact us for more information.

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