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A SITZMARKS® study is a cost-effective, non-invasive option for investigating colonic motility in patients with chronic constipation and otherwise negative GI evaluations. This colonic transit time test gives you diagnostic insights to identify potential physiological causes of a patient’s chronic constipation by detecting conditions such as colonic inertia, hypomotility, outlet obstruction, and other bowel disorders, and determine the next steps for your patient, whether that’s further testing or tailored treatment.

Flat plate abdominal X-ray


SITZMARKS capsules have been in use for over three decades. It is a time-tested, reliable approach to evaluate colonic transit time.


Doctor and patient

The SITZMARKS test consists of only 3 simple steps. First, you prescribe the test to your patient. Then, the patient takes a capsule on day 1. On day 5, the patient undergoes an X-ray to reveal the path of radiopaque rings in their colon.

Easy for You and Your Patients

A happy family

Our colonic transit time test is non-invasive and minimally disruptive to your patient’s daily routine, while still allowing you to gain valuable insight to guide your diagnostic process.


Doctor and patient
Doctor and patient

Your First Step to Identify Physiological Causes

SITZMARKS provides a clear snapshot of your patient’s colonic transit, aiding you in identifying or ruling out physiological causes for chronic constipation, such as:

  • Outlet obstruction

  • Hypomotility

  • Colonic inertia

  • Other bowel disorders



We also offer a pediatric version, SITZMARKS for Kids, which is indicated for patients ages 2 and up with persistent pediatric constipation.

Identify the Next Steps for Your Patient’s Treatment

Get the results you need to inform your diagnostic process for patients with chronic constipation. With SITZMARKS, you can investigate possible causes and lay the groundwork for further testing or treatment plan.

Ready for a Closer Look?

If your patient is struggling with chronic constipation, SITZMARKS can help you identify physiological causes and take the next steps toward further testing or a tailored treatment plan. Contact us for more information.

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