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SITZMARKS is a colonic transit study indicated for patients with chronic constipation and otherwise negative GI evaluations. Using a capsule filled with 24 radiopaque rings, the test provides a snapshot of your patients’ colonic motility, aiding in identification of physiological causes of constipation, such as colonic inertia, hypomotility, outlet obstruction, and other bowl disorders.

Download our healthcare provider brochure to explore:

  • Conditions SITZMARKS can help identify

  • How a SITZMARKS test works

  • Next steps to receive more information

Ready for a Closer Look?

If your patient is struggling with chronic constipation, SITZMARKS can help you identify physiological causes and take the next steps toward further testing or a tailored treatment plan. Contact us for more information.



Colonic Transit Study Brochure for HCPs

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