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Intended for medical professionals ONLY.


SITZMARKS is a colonic transit time test that aids in identification of physiological causes of chronic constipation in patients with otherwise negative GI evaluations. Our diagnostic guide provides information for healthcare providers about interpreting the SITZMARKS test results.


Download your copy to discover:

  • Indications for use

  • The process for a SITZMARKS colonic transit test, for you and for your patient

  • A guide for reading test results, with illustrations of normal results, abnormal transit, and a potential blockage

  • Clinical references for next steps after a SITZMARKS study

Ready for a Closer Look?

If your patient is struggling with chronic constipation, SITZMARKS can help you identify physiological causes and take the next steps toward further testing or a tailored treatment plan. Contact us for more information.



Colonic Transit Test Diagnostic Guide

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